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Listen to your body.

Whether you’re trying to stick to a basic exercise program, or taking your endurance training to the next level, Polar monitors will help you reach your peak, whatever your sport.

Polar is the brand of choice for athletes ranging from the beginner to the elite. As the experts in heart rate training for over 30 years, Polar has earned validation from respected institutions around the world including The Olympic Medical Institute. To figure out what Polar product is best for you, determine which of the following categories describes your level of training:

Get active.

You enjoy being out and about. Whether it’s taking a class with a friend, going on a weekend bike ride or going on a run at lunch, Polar products will keep you motivated and show you how well you’re doing — leaving you to focus on having fun.

Possible models

FT1 (exercise motivation), FT7 (clear training guidance)

Blonde woman swinging on a bar at the beach.
Two women working out in a fitness class at the gym while wearing Polar products.

Improve fitness.

Fitness is already an important part of your life, and now you’re ready to move to a higher level. Whether it’s to get fitter, lose weight, or just for the satisfaction that comes from getting a faster time, our range of products can help you get even fitter, faster.

Possible models

FT60 (the STAR training program)

Bob M. works out regularly and is amazed by how it has improved the focus of his time at the gym.

“I’ve used my Polar watch now for almost 4 weeks and find that it increases my ability to tune into my body during a workout, keep a more accurate record of calories burned, and plan my workouts to maximize the overall fitness effects. I’ve reached another fitness level thanks to the Polar watch and its ability to monitor my heart rate, fitness workouts and calorie burn!” Trainer Kathy R. agrees; she loves how “it takes the guess work out of cardiovascular training, leading to more efficient and pertinent workouts.”

Polar’s monitors, software and technology are recognized as FDA-certified medical devices and applications and, as a result, are used in thousands of health and wellness facilities throughout the country. The monitors include unique features:

Polar Fitness Test™

Are you really improving your fitness? Polar’s intelligent fitness test reveals your aerobic fitness with this five minute, easy-to-do test. And it won’t strain you a bit, because you do this test just by lying still. The result tells you your aerobic fitness and, by comparing the value over time, you’ll see if your fitness level is really improving.

Polar EnergyPointer

With this easy-to-follow feature you can see if the main effect of your training is fitness improvement or fat burning. The Polar EnergyPointer visually indicates the center point between these two training effects, so when your heart rate is below this point, you’re improving your fat burning, and when it’s above, you’re improving your aerobic fitness.

An intensity chart that shows how Polar monitors your heart rate and measures your level of activity, ranging from "very light" (50-60 percent effort) that helps with recovery, to "maximum" (90-100 percent effort), that helps athletes improve performance.

Polar STAR Training Program

Do you know how much and how intensively to train? With the Polar STAR Training Program you can choose whether you want to maximize performance or improve fitness, or lose some weight. You will get an aerobic training program with weekly targets, including intensity and duration, and be given written feedback on the display. If you train right, it will reward you for a good week of training.

Polar Strength Training Guidance

Are you interested in getting better results in less time in your strength training? The Polar Strength Training Guidance tells you how long to rest between each set, based on your heart rate. Forget standardized recovery periods between sets and get more reliable guidance by listening to your body.

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