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Prevent injury by improving your strength.

Affordable to purchase and easy-to-use, these strength and flexibility products can be used before and after workouts to maximize strength and flexibility.

Medi-Dyne strives to provide innovations in pain prevention. Our strength and flexibility products undergo rigorous in-house testing and extensive evaluation by the most demanding healthcare professionals to ensure that it offers the highest quality of pain prevention available. But most importantly, Medi-Dyne designs products to make sure that you’ll notice the difference immediately.

Medi-Dyne products are invaluable for people looking to increase strength and flexibility.

Thomas Vorderer, DPM, says, “As a podiatrist and former competitive runner, I would urge anyone who trains on a regular basis to use the ProStretch to help them improve flexibility and avoid injuries.”

Composite image showing the 6 Medi-Dyne products available through Physiquality clinics: CoreStretch, ProStretch and ProStretch Double, StrengthRite and StretchRite, and a custom Wobble Board.

The following Medi-Dyne strength and flexibility products are available through selected Physiquality locations:


Stretch your back, shoulders, hips, hamstrings or shins.


Increase range of motion and flexibility in your lower leg and foot.

ProStretch Double

Exercise both legs simultaneously.


Relieve shin splints, plantar fasciitis and sprained ankle pain.


Soothe sore, tight muscles while improving flexibility and range of motion.

Custom wobble board

Improve balance and coordination.

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