Getting fit during the holidays

with advice from Baudry Therapy Center

Many of us have overindulged this year to survive one of the strangest years on record. Food. Sugary drinks. Alcohol. As we try to put on holiday clothes for that family Zoom call, they might not hug our bodies the way they used to.

Physiquality member Baudry Therapy Center in Louisiana found that Santa’s been on an all-cookie diet preparing for this year’s present delivery, and he’s not able to be as active as he once was. So they have been posting daily videos to help Santa — and inspire the rest of us — to improve both our habits and our health. Here are some of their suggestions for a healthy holiday season and a happier 2021.

Put down that device and move some more. 

We know that you can’t turn down video calls with the team, and that some of us use our computers or devices to keep in touch with family too. But higher amounts of screen time usually correlate to lower amounts of activity. In this video, Baudry Therapy Center reminds Santa that he can do jumping jacks between videos — or between meetings — to get that heart going and to give his eyes a short break.

Pick up some fruit instead of another Christmas cookie. 

The last month and a half of any year is filled with sweets and comfort food, from the groaning tables at Thanksgiving, to the cookie trays that used to show up at every office holiday party. Even if you don’t want to give up the holiday sweets completely, try to substitute at least one sugary snack with some carrot sticks or an apple. They will sate your craving for something sweet-ish, and your body will feel better than after a lot of sugary treats.

Stretch and strengthen your back to improve your posture. 

Santa may have a “sleigh slump,” and many others may have something similar after crouching over our laptops all day. Strengthening your core can help to improve your posture and reduce back pain. And take a look at your office set up to make sure it’s ergonomically correct.

To get more tips from Baudry Therapy Center’s “12 Days of Fitmas,” like BTC on Facebook or subscribe to their YouTube channel. And if you’re looking for more ways to build your strength while getting on Santa’s nice (and healthy) list, use our locator below to find a Physiquality member near you to help you reach your health and fitness goals in the new year.

Thank you to our contributors:

Baudry Therapy Center is a Physiquality member with two locations in the metro area for New Orleans, Louisiana. Founded in 2012, their mission is to make people better off for spending time with them.

Strengthening to reduce back pain. Physiquality, August 21, 2020.

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