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Surf the floor to a better core.

Use the Indo Board to develop balance, coordination and increased leg strength while enhancing core fitness.

Indo Board is a fun and challenging way to exercise the body’s balance control systems. It also improves motor skills, making the Indo Board a great cross-training tool for a variety of sports, from extreme boardsports to all mainstream sports. Keeping the board from touching the ground for extended rides is both the goal and the challenge.

The Indo Original FLO GF was designed so anyone, regardless of skill level or age, can enjoy its benefits. The workout possibilities are practically endless with the Indo Original GF as new exercises are constantly explored and developed by Indo Board’s team of group fitness instructors. Through Physiquality, you’ll receive up to 20% off retail purchases and training!

Joanne Danssaert, PT, uses the Indo Board for a wide range of patients.

“Physical therapists often use dynamic balance responses to strengthen patients. Midrange knee control, weight shifting and endurance are also challenged on your device. … I have used the Indo Board with children as young as 5 years old and with clients as old as 60.” Outside her practice, the Indo Board has become a favorite of her son as well. “He loves his Indo Board and has phenomenal midrange knee control and balance.”

The Indo Board fits perfectly into any integrated training program. Once clients have mastered balancing on the board, they can:

  • Perform such single- and two-legged movements as squats, lunges and step routines
  • Work the upper body with push-ups and floor back bridges
  • Utilize stability balls, cables and pulley machines

Better yet, create balance and strengthening classes at your clinic that incorporate all of the above!

Woman with left leg bent and placed on a balance board, and her rigth leg extended and bent behind her, doing a lunge with the front leg balanced on the Indo Board instead of the floor.

In your practice, you’ll have an inventory of Indo Boards to sell directly to patients or use in your clinic.

Each Indo Original FLO GF Training Package includes:

  • A 30″ x 18″ deck
  • A 250-pound maximum weight limit
  • A 14″ diameter polyvinyl IndoFLO® Balance Cushion (mouth-inflatable)
  • A demo DVD, illustrating the variety of exercises that can be done using the Indo Board

The Indo Original FLO GF deck is available in natural, as well as a variety of colors.

To become a reseller for Indo Board, you’ll need to speak with Brenda or Hunter at 321-777-6021. Be sure to tell them that you are a PTPN member in order to receive our special pricing.

In order to become a reseller, don’t forget that you’ll need to acquire a resale license and separate tax ID number. Your state’s sales tax authorities can help you make sure that you file all the necessary paperwork with the state.

Through Physiquality, Indo Board is offering PTPN members an additional 5% off of wholesale prices, which translates to a discount of up to 20% off of retail purchases and training. Retail prices and Physiquality discounted costs are as follows:


Physiquality price


Indo Original FLO GF Training Package (natural) $78.89 $95.00
Indo Original FLO GF Training Package (colors) $85.75 $104.00


Note: Shipping is $18 per training package (for example, shipping for 5 units would be approximately $90). *MSRP is the manufacturer’s suggested retail price; MAP is the minimum advertised price allowed.

Indo Board has created a continuing education workshop for fitness instructors. The one-day workshop:

  • Explains the direct relationship between balance, proprioception, and postural awareness and how these things relate to improving overall health and fitness
  • Discusses such concepts as functional balance training and instability resistance training
  • Provides practical, relevant and scientifically valid information that will give fitness professionals a better understanding of how clients can improve balance and postural awareness while also enhancing fitness, conditioning and strength

Because the workshop is taught using Indo Boards, it would be a great way to introduce any clinical or fitness staff to the Indo Board, bringing back new balance ideas for your entire staff and possibly a balance and strengthening class you can offer to clients!

The fee for the continuing education workshop through Physiquality is $200, a savings of 20% off the normal price. Continuing education credits are available for some disciplines. To learn about upcoming workshop locations and dates, click here or call 321-777-6021.

Customized location-specific sales and marketing materials are available, as well as exercise handouts; see the marketing tab above for samples.

Are you ready to offer Indo Boards in your clinic? Contact Indo Board directly at or 321-777-6021 to become a reseller today!

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